About me

DSC_9623I am currently a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at MIT under the direction of Gareth McKinley and Anette (Peko) Hosoi, working in the Hatsopoulos Microfluids Lab. My research lies at the interface of design and design of complex fluids and focuses on the design of different devices that couple yield stress fluids and electric fields.  We are applying these design principles on various applications such as smart fluid activated valves for robotics or novel semi-solid flow batteries for energy storage.

I have many interests, both scientific and non-scientific. With a passion for innovation, I love pushing the boundaries of science and solving challenging scientific problems; this led me to pursue a PhD at MIT after graduating from Ecole Polytechnique in France with a masters in Materials science and engineering. Outside my academic studies, I found meaning working with the student government, becoming heavily involved in my residential community, and serving on the GradRat (MIT graduate ring committee) for many years. Over several years I grew my involvement in the community, serving as a Hall Councillor then becoming VP of Residential Life at Sidney Pacific, the largest MIT graduate dorm and found a passion for organizing events. I also like to spend my free time designing and building cool objects and I am lucky to have the resources around MIT to be able to explore that hobby.

Research interests:

Rheology of complex fluids, soft matter, Soft Robotics, Electrorheological & Magentorheological fluids, Bio-inspired design, Robotics, Flow batteries, Energy storage, Material design