Publications & Presentations

Peer-Reviewed Literature

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Academic Conferences

  • “Simultaneous rheo-electric measurements of strongly conductive complex fluids” Society of Rheology Meeting, Baltimore, Oct. 2015
  • “Rheological & electrical characterization of carbon black suspensions under shear”, American Physics Society, March Meeting, San Antonio, March 2015
  • Effects of confinement & surface roughness in electrorheological flows”, 67th American Physics Society, Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting, San Francisco, Nov. 2014
  • Study of the rheology & wall slip of carbon black suspensions for semi-solid flow batteries”,86th Society of Rheology Meeting, Philadelphia, Oct. 2014
  • Characterization and Modeling of the Rheology & Slip of Semi-solid Suspensions for Redox Flow Cells” (Poster), JCESR all-hands meeting, Jan. 2014
  • “Design of Integrated Electrorheological (ER) Valves”, 84th Society of Rheology Meeting, Pasadena, Feb. 2013